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Attention: If you’re a healthcare practitioner looking for shared medical office space or to rent furnished medical office space with no lease commitments, TexasMed offers the ultimate solution.

Medical coworking has been gaining popularity over the last few years. More than half of physicians say they would consider working in a medical office that offered coworking. It’s flexible, more affordable, and most of all less headaches. Shared medical office space provides more flexibility and is now the go-to solution for medical real estate.

TexasMed is the ideal place to start your practice. With our no-lease option, you can enjoy all the benefits of having an office without any of the hassle! Furthermore, because we don’t charge any up-front costs, there’s never any risk when starting out with us. We provide basic medical supplies and office equipment as well as a receptionist onsite ready to greet your patients.

Medical professionals in Texas are not alone! There is now an excellent medical coworking space for them to work. The benefits of this new idea and utilizing shared medical office space for rent will change the medical office industry as we know it, and here’s why:


Traditional medical office lease require a 3-5 year commitment. Most private practices struggle because they pay for excess space and are locked into a long-term lease with high fixed overhead. TexasMed provides affordable furnished medical office space with flexible terms. Members can book exam rooms on an hourly, part-time, or full-time basis and you have the flexibility to scale up or down when needed.


Leasing traditional medical office space typically requires you to incur initial build-out costs which could be up to a $100,000. You also have to incur additional costs for furniture and supplies which could costs up to $50,000. TexasMed instead offers you a Class A fully-furnished medical facility that is available on demand. There are no upfront costs or membership fees and basic medical supplies are included. This is a risk-free solution to start a new practice, expand to a new location, or work part-time!


Traditional leases require you to purchase office equipment, maintain medical supplies, and incur general overhead. This includes utilities, daily cleanings, taxes, insurance, and maintenance. Instead, TexasMed provides all-inclusive amenities for one low hourly rate. This includes furnished private exam rooms, spacious waiting area for patients, on-site receptionist, bio-hazard waste disposal, on-site storage lockers, office equipment, and basic medical supplies. Let us worry about the space while you can focus on your practice!


For doctors, starting your own private practice can be an exciting opportunity to work for yourself and do what you love. But with all the complexities of renting or leasing office space, renovating that space before it opens its doors to patients, purchasing equipment and furnishings as well as utilities and janitorial services, there are many expenses between now and then that need careful consideration.
TexasMed offers you medical office space for rent where you enjoy the benefits of having an office without the hassle. You don’t have to worry about upfront costs or lease agreements because we offer a no-lease option that features flexible furnished medical offices for one low hourly rate! And because we don’t charge any up-front costs, there’s never any risk when starting out with us.


Working for a big hospital or medical group can be restrictive and take away the opportunity to offer individualized care. Additionally, big hospitals and medical groups limit what you are able to offer your patients. But with TexasMed’s medical coworking, you get all of those opportunities back!
TexasMed Medical Coworking allows practitioners the flexibility of working independently, which frees them from these restrictions. If you’re tired of being restricted by hospitals, then consider becoming a member at TexasMed where we provide an environment with flexible hours and professional networking!


The best thing about medical coworking spaces is that they free up doctors from some of the mundane and time-consuming tasks of running a practice. This in turn allows for increased focus on the patients. TexasMed allows you to not worry about medical office space and provides an on-site receptionist to greet your patients.


The best thing about TexasMed medical coworking is you only pay for what you need. The main benefit of looking for medical office for rent is not to be tied to a fixed, long-term lease. With the medical office for rent option, you can choose a part-time plan if your practice is just starting. As your practice grows, you can easily add more days until you’re ready for a full-time dedicated space. More importantly, you don’t have to make a decision upfront on the size of the medical office you need. You can now grow into it! That’s a lot of savings and is much less stressful!


One of the best things about medical coworking spaces is that you get to meet with other medical professionals. Medical doctors within the same facility are more likely to refer to one another. You will find yourself making invaluable connections every day whereas without being in this type environment, such opportunities may never arise.

In conclusion, the benefits of a medical coworking and shared medical office space are endless, especially when you’re just starting out. Furthermore, medical coworking spaces also provide an excellent opportunity for doctors who are expanding to a new location or looking to work part-time. The most important benefit of TexasMed medical coworking is there’s no need to make an upfront decision on how big or small the medical office you need. Many new doctors start off too large only later realizing they don’t have enough patients. Avoid the stress and headaches and come join TexasMed today!

About TexasMed:

TexasMed is the first medical coworking space in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and can best be described as “WeWork for Doctors”. TexasMed offer’s furnished medical office space with basic medical supplies, office equipment, and an on-site receptionist included for one low hourly rate. No leases. No overhead.

We are not just any co-working facility; TexasMed specializes in doctors’ offices. Our focus on both function and aesthetics sets us apart from others by providing an environment tailored specifically for healthcare needs including private phone lines, personalized receptionist services, ample parking spaces as well as HIPAA compliant furnishings so everyone feels safe during their visit.

With TexasMed’s flexible model, physicians can choose to work as much or little as they want while having access to all-inclusive on-site amenities. So, if you are a medical practitioner looking to rent furnished medical office space, TexasMed has created the perfect solution for you.

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