About Us

Our Mission is to Help
Independent Practitioners Thrive…

Our Mission

TexasMed was founded to provide flexibility to private practices and help patients get more access to healthcare. Private practices are currently facing significant challenges including high fixed overhead, long term leases, and lack of flexibility. In response, TexasMed offers a turn-key solution and gives private practices the flexibility they need to thrive.

TexasMed is transforming the medical industry by providing fully furnished office space with on-site amenities included.

We offer flexibility to rent space by the day and provide office equipment, basic medical supplies, and an on-site receptionist. Above all, TexasMed allows colleagues to collaborate and build their network. Dr. Embabi, Co-Founder of TexasMed, said “This is the easiest way to start a practice or expand to a new location”. Contact us to learn more about this risk-free opportunity and start your practice today.

Our Story

I am a locally trained anesthesiologist and pain management physician that joined a small private practice after fellowship. I started searching for medical office space and was overwhelmed by the up-front costs and multi-year lease commitment. There were no part-time medical spaces readily available and it was an extremely time consuming process. I had to visit multiple spaces, negotiate the lease, and spend a significant amount of time and money on the office build-out and furnishing. It was simply too much.

Was there an easier way to find office space? I started discussing this problem with my colleagues and it quickly became apparent this was an industry-wide problem. This inspired us to start TexasMed. We look forward to transforming the medical office industry and relieving some of the stress and administrative hassles for private practices.