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Attention: If you are looking for medical office for lease, TexasMed provides a flexible solution that will allow you to get the benefits of having your own medical practice without the headaches of managing your own space.

Leasing medical office space is changing. Why? Doctors no longer want to be locked into leases which carry large fixed overheads, no flexibility, and worst of all expensive office build-outs. TexasMed is a medical coworking solution that offers furnished medical office space for rent with affordable and flexible options. No overhead. No hassles. 100% flexibility!

TexasMed is the perfect solution for doctors who are tired of the hassles of managing their own medical office. See below the benefits of TexasMed vs. traditional medical office for lease.

The decision to lease or buy a medical office is one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. As you consider the options, there are some important considerations which should absolutely not be ignored:


When a medical professional that runs their own small to medium sized practice is searching for the perfect medical office space, they often end up having to compromise. Small or new practices are not able to afford top-notch properties in prime locations so instead have settle on less desirable spaces. With less capital than established offices, it can be very difficult and time consuming to find affordable real estate in your desired location.

At TexasMed, we don’t want you to settle when it comes to the space in which your medical practice operates. We’ve created a private and secure coworking timeshare office that allows for small-to-medium sized practices to escape traditional overhead costs by only paying for time they need. TexasMed is centrally located to service the fastest growing communities in Texas. The first location is in close proximity to Baylor Scott & White, Methodist McKinney Hospital, and Medical Center McKinney and is conveniently located near Dallas North Tollway, Preston Road, and US HWY 380.

Stop looking for medical office space for lease and start looking at medical office for rent!


Building out a medical office can be extremely expensive, often costing up to $100/SF. Construction delays and costly over-runs are common with both real estate construction as well as the buildout of an individual space within that building. Often landlords provide T&I allowances which only cover a minority of the total cost for these projects, making it very costly for you! Furthermore, leasing medical space means you don’t own the real estate so the build-out costs does not provide any long-term value for you.

Texasmed instead offers furnished medical office space that is fully furnished and spacious. You’ll never have to worry about building out or furnishing an entire suite of spaces because TexasMed has done it for you! This allows you to focus on your patients and not have to worry about what it will cost you.


Being locked into a long-term medical office lease can be prohibitively expensive, and may keep you from being able to grow as your needs change. The problem is that most doctors do not consider their future when they set up shop in an area with high fixed overhead.

TexasMed embraces the importance of independence with a medical coworking timeshare office space. This innovative idea allows you to grow your practice without worrying about fixed overhead or space constraints. With our one-stop medical coworking timeshare program, doctors are able to lease what’s needed when they need it.


Leasing your own medical office space costs more than just rent. There is cost to have a receptionist and janitorial services to keep the place clean. There is also costs for utilities, building insurance, pest control, and the occasional building maintenance which always become more frequent than expected. Leasing an older medical practice could result in higher utility bills when you need it least – as well as increased expenses from repair work or emergency repairs.

If these headaches sound familiar and you are tired of it, TexasMed offers the perfect solution. Let us take care of everything from start to finish so that YOU can enjoy owning your practice again instead of managing medical office space hassles.


While medical office spaces are in high demand, the costs and risks of renting one can often be a deterrent. TexasMed provides an answer to this problem with a medical coworking timeshare system that is aimed at providing physicians with affordable access to quality medical office space without any risk or overhead cost associated.

You have the opportunity to grow your medical practice with a flexible and functional space. What are you waiting for? Contact TexasMed today!

Leasing TexasMed
Rent $4,000+ Flexible
Insurance / Maintenance / Taxes (NNN) $1,000+ Included
Janitorial Services $500+ Included
Medical Supplies $500+ Included
Phone / Internet / Cable $400+ Included
Electric / Water / Gas $300+ Included
Interior Maintenance / HVAC Service $250+ Included
Office Supplies / Printing $250+ Included
Bio-Hazard Waste Pick-Up $100+ Included
Tenant Insurance $100+ Included
On-Site Receptionist Not Included Included
Total Monthly Costs $7,000+ Flexible


About TexasMed:

TexasMed is the first medical coworking space in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and can best be described as “WeWork for Doctors”. TexasMed offer’s furnished medical office space for rent with basic medical supplies, office equipment, and an on-site receptionist included for one low hourly rate. No leases. No overhead.

We are not just any co-working facility; TexasMed specializes in doctors’ offices. Our focus on both function and aesthetics sets us apart from others by providing an environment tailored specifically for healthcare needs including private phone lines, personalized receptionist services, ample parking spaces as well as HIPAA compliant furnishings so everyone feels safe during their visit.

With TexasMed’s flexible model, physicians can choose to work as much or little as they want while having access to all-inclusive on-site amenities. So, if you are a medical practitioner looking to rent furnished medical office space, TexasMed has created the perfect solution for you.

Contact us today to learn more!

1400 N. Coit Road #302
McKinney, Texas 75071

Phone: (469) 240-9911

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